Here's how we save responsible property owners
a significant amount on their property insurance:

Our Business Model


We look for responsible property owners and managers with good loss-runs, who really care about their properties.


We discuss the benefits of joining the loss-control management program that we administer through our sister company, Amalgamated Loss Control Management.


If they are interested in our services ― and committed to implementing the recommendations that our onsite inspection will reveal ― then we allow them to join our nation-wide group.


They are then eligible to benefit from the reduced rates we offer through our exclusive property programs.

Since We Administer The Plan As Wholesalers...

Property Owners & Managers Love Us

Because we save them a significant amount on their insurance while they get to stay with their current insurance agent (and maintain their relationship).

Insurance Agents Love Us

Because with our pre-set rates, quoting and binding is fast and easy - and with our below market rates, they can sell more.

Real Estate Brokers Love Us

Because with our discounted pre-set rates, they're able to reduce the operating costs of the properties they're marketing and save their clients money.

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