Our Core Belief

We believe that good business practices should always be rewarded.
Within the world of insurance, we believe that responsible
property owners & managers should be rewarded with lower rates.

About Us

The partners at Amalgamated share a common passion for creating and managing niche programs for well-maintained properties. We’ve succeeded at simplifying the process for retail agents to access the E&S market for their responsible clients’ properties.

Since we only accept well-maintained properties with favorable loss-runs, we are able to negotiate pre-set below-market rates along with superior coverages with all our carriers (which, by the way, are A rated or better). We are therefore able to provide our retail agents with: instant online quotes, below market rates, and superior coverages.

The most common question we get is regarding our name, “Amalga-who?” To which we respond, “that’s right, Amalgamated” which is pronounced a•mal•ga•mat•ed and means “united to form one organization” which is exactly what we do as niche program administrators.

How We Got Here

The formation of Amalgamated in 2015 was a natural progression for us, stemming from the confluence of our collective experiences & expertise:

  • Retail P&C Insurance – our four principals own and manage Hartselle Insurance Agency, a 20-person property and casualty insurance agency located in Seminole, FL.
  • Real Estate Management – one of our principals is the managing partner of Broad Management Group, which manages over 8,000 residential units throughout the US.
  • Loss Control Management – our four principals own and manage Amalgamated Loss Control Management, which provides loss-control management services to over 50,000 units/rooms across the US.
The amalgamation of these skill sets propelled us to launch Amalgamated.

Where We're Headed

When we originally chose a name for our parent company, we chose Broad Insurance Group ("BIG") because our intentions were, and continue to be "broad". True to our name, it is our intention to "broaden" our horizons by going beyond habitational, hospitality, and healthcare – one step at a time.

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